Advisory Direct Limited was founded in 2017 by fintech entrepreneurs Suhail Ahmad and Stuart Jamieson with a vision to leverage emerging blockchain technology to empower organisations with a more secure and efficient way to serve their customers.

Our Leadership Team

Aisha Elahi
Chief Experience Officer

Aisha brings sales, marketing and brand development expertise to the company, helping us maintain a client-centric approach to everything we do. With experience in health, cosmetics and consultancy, Aisha oversees our day-to-day operations to ensure each and every client at Advisory Direct s receives the highest level of service and quality.

Suhail Ahmad
Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Suhail is a visionary fintech entrepreneur, investor and trusted adviser with career spanning financial advisory, investment banking and capital markets. As our Chief Strategist, Suhail leads the strategic planning, corporate development and partnerships at Advisory Direct to ensure we have a strong and growing business to support the ongoing success of our clients and investors.

Stuart Jamieson
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Stuart is a commercially aware technologist overseeing our IT infrastructure, software development and leading our cutting edge research into AI and the blockchain applications. He has worked across a range of fintech, enterprise and software projects during his career. As co-founder of Advisory Direct, Stuart is champion for innovation and technology for good.

Sherif Hampton
General Counsel

Sherif is a corporate and international finance lawyer with experience in the UK and the GCC region. With extensive experience in real estate transactions worldwide and corporate mergers and acquisitions, Sherif is an integral part of Advisory Direct due diligence and structuring support for clients, helping provide timely insights and expertise.

Sheila Robinson
Chief Commercial Officer

Sheila brings a wealth of experience in commercial and business development to Advisory Direct to support the success of our clients. As a business coach with a focus on pitching and creating brands, Sheila has worked with businesses in the technology markets including telecom, renewable and clean energy.